Interview with Alexander Lenders, 53 years old, unmarried, no children, single. He lives in Ellecom, a small village on the Veluwezoom. A beautiful environment between the forest and the IJssel and I like to be in nature. Or when the weather is nice on a terrace in Doesburg.


Profession: entrepreneur since 2003. In terms of work, I currently do a number of things, I advise companies in the field of process improvement and operations, and I also recently started a company in the design and manufacture of furniture. I like freedom.


​Educations. My education is mechanical engineering (Eindhoven), after that I did Nyenrode business administration.


First independent clothing purchase. I bought my first suit for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary in 1986, when I was 18 years old. It was at P&C and the suit was silver with a black dovetail design. Underneath a black and green shiny silk shirt. It fit perfectly at the time, but was on the edge.


My first job (1993). A small company that developed streaming audio applications for radio stations in particular. It was one of the first to develop software for this and was therefore active worldwide: the largest customer was even in New Zealand. In this environment I learned that you don't have to be big to create something unique. Focus, perseverance and courage were the most important factors.


Professional interest/flexibility. I have always been busy inventing and developing new things. I was not limited to one field: I have worked in Audio & Video, IT, aviation, apps, wood construction and now furniture. Innovation arises precisely at the intersection of disciplines, and I like to be in this area. This includes the latest development of a new type of suspension system that can be used in furniture, opening up new areas of application. There is now a patent on it and I will be entering the market with this in various forms.


Current challenges (work). My challenge at the moment is to market the furniture and the suspension system in a good way. The focus is now on the interior designers who can integrate it into their designs. Hence our choice to have a permanent representation in the ETC Design Center Europe. At a later stage, we also want to reach consumers directly with (end) products. Distribution of the suspension system itself to project organizers and other manufacturers is also an extension of our market approach. The timing and activities of this depend on how the market reacts to the current products.


Music. 80s music is a real favorite. Talk Talk and The Cure, but if you're asking about my all-time favorite song, it's Chris Rea's The Road To Hell.


movies. I do have a thing for the fantasy genre like Game of Thrones and The Witcher. A nice escape from this world.


"A special and old monastery and they have fine wines and they only cook with organic regional products."

To travel. For my work I traveled all over the world for 10 years, on average I was on an airplane twice a month. The most beautiful places I visited were South Africa, Costa Rica and Australia.


My current favorite terrace is in the fortified town of Doesburg near Het Arsenaal 1309. It is a special and old monastery and they have fine wines and they only cook with organic regional products. It is lovely and I like to be there when the weather is nice.


Who would I like to be one day? Elon Musk. He is a pioneer in so many different areas and I am curious about what goes on behind the scenes of his companies (even more) that we do not know about.


Why Ambassador of MSCVTR? 16 years ago I first met Pascal in his clothing store in Amersfoort, where he sold beautiful brands such as Corneliani and Drykorn. Soon I wasn't just coming for the suits, but occasionally just going there on Saturdays to chat with him and his regular group of customers who were invariably there. Sometimes with a glass of wine and always fun. I myself sold in the store for a day, just because it was fun.


​After that time I have always kept in touch with Pascal. He is always hospitable and stands for styling and quality. I am therefore happy to be an ambassador for the launch of his own brand and recommend him wholeheartedly.