A metro man, but above all an optimist. He is 60 years old and has been married to Rose for 34 years. His children no longer live at home, one of his children even lives in Denmark.

What are your courses. Ben: VWO-B in Ede and after that the teacher training French and Dutch. Then NIMA A and B completed and various sales & marketing courses.

The vision of his current living status gives a clear picture of how he stands in life. Ben: the wake-up call (how do I want to move forward in life) has brought about change for me in 2020. The right work-life balance is very important to me. Work that matters in combination with an energetic social life. Positive energy and attitude to life play an important role in this, I try to push aside or resolve negativity.

My first job. Ben: I was export manager at Ridam trading company, responsible for the export of small trade items to countries in Europe.

When/where did you make your first independent clothing purchase? Ben: I was 16 and bought bright red jeans somewhere in Ede. What is your current profession. Ben: director Coram Hospitality & Projects BV, with brands such as Geesa, Sealskin and Tiger, sales and marketing of sanitary ware to projects worldwide. Think of hotels, cruise ships, apartments but also student housing.

Challenges and routing. Ben: further shaping the progress at the Coram Group, all the ingredients are there. Achieving good results with the right people around you.

What is your favourite movie? Ben thinks for a moment: there are quite a few, but my favorite director is Pedro Almodovar - the movie Volver. I'm also a fan of Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) and Penelope Cruz (Jamon). His favorite band/music: Radiohead.

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"In New York, on the roof terrace of citizenM hotel, with a glass of Sauvignon in hand."


What about travel? Ben: I like to travel especially with my wife Rose. My favorite destination Peru.

Choose a terrace to have an interesting/cozy or perhaps romantic conversation with someone. Ben: the rooftop terrace of the Citizen -M hotel in New York together with Rose. While enjoying a drink: a Sauvignon from France or New Zealand. What is this conversation about? Ben: philosophizing about future plans.

Who would you like to be one day to feel what this person does and experiences? Ben after a moment of contemplation: a day in the life of Barry Hay. I would have loved to see one of his performances.