Interview with Henriko van de Pol, 47 years old, living together, no children. Education: VWO in Ermelo and Facility Management in Deventer and Groningen.


How are you in life? Henriko: sports, singing, eating and meeting new people play an important role. It gives color to my life, provides an extra dimension.


What is your current profession. Henriko: I am Service, Facility & Delivery Manager at Royal Haskoning-DHV. What does that mean? Too many to mention. If you need more details, give me a call. This invitation is accompanied by a smile on his face.


What was your first job. Henriko: farm help in Putten, all common activities.


What are your plans for the near future. Henriko: no idea; At the moment I am very satisfied with my living situation. I'll see what comes my way. If those options are emotionally interesting, then I don't shy away from a new challenge.


What is your favourite movie. Henriko: I wouldn't know. Do I have a preference? The genre of Arthouse films appeals to me.


What is your favourite music. Henriko: Dutch pop artists and 80s/90s music.


Your preference

• dog or cat: dog

• polo or shirt: polo is more comfortable

• car or plane: an electric car

• Olympic Games or European Championship/World Cup football: Olympic Games, I have nothing to do with football

• white, red or rosé: white wine from New Zealand or California

• shower or bath: shower

• Paris, Milan or Rome: Rome


to be continued

"The terrace at restaurant De Saffraan in Amersfoort and I drink a good glass of wine that closely matches the atmosphere and menu choice."

Do you like to travel. Henriko: I love to travel. In Asia that is Thailand, less far away Spain and a trip to California should not be missed.


What was your first independent clothing purchase? Henriko: a jacket at Intersport.


Suppose you can choose a terrace to have an interesting / pleasant conversation with someone. Henriko: nice question; that is the terrace at restaurant De Saffraan in Amersfoort. I drink a good glass of wine that closely matches the atmosphere and menu choice. My interlocutor is an ex-colleague. How that conversation will go is a matter of later concern. Will be all right.