Jeroen Loonstra , 48 years old, married , 2 daughters with language aged 13 and 16, who have to be regularly transported through Europe to participate in the training courses in the world of figure skating. His education is HAVO/MBO and MTS electrical engineering. HTS study also started, but not completed.


Jeroen about his 1st real job: that was the moment when I was an ice cream man during holidays and weekends. In the city on a cargo bike and at the local swimming pool in Schoonhoven. Being in the right place at the right time was the art, especially on the weekends. The trick was to run out of stock by 1:00 PM.


​I bought my first piece of clothing at Shop 13 in Schoonhoven, a Jeans and T-shirt, purchases from Nicole are always good.


Jeroen about his living status: I think my work is important and in particular the appreciation I get for it. This probably counts more than the financial component. That does not mean that the bills have to be paid. With two top-sporting children in the world of figure skating, the latter is not unimportant. My wife and I do everything we can to ensure that their chances of success don't stop with dreams. From training internships abroad (our oldest is currently only staying in Switzerland for a few months to train) to the support to participate in competitions in the well-known Krasnoyarsk in Russia and in other cities.


What is your current profession: Director Global Accounts, Benelux and Dach of Leviton Manufacturing EU Ltd.


What are your challenges for the near future? Jeroen: ensuring that my children's dreams remain alive and also perhaps expanding my own company SHOWYOURSKILLS.ONLINE, with which I, together with my partner, offer a platform for less-publicized sports. Making visible to a wider audience via live streaming Something that can have added value for many people in the current time of Corona measures.


What are your music and film preferences Jeroen: absolutely all MARVEL movies which passion I like to share with my oldest daughter. Music? There isn't much music I hate; my preference is quite dependent on my mood. Today I would choose Kryptonite from Three doors down.

Do you like to travel, do you have a favorite destination? Jeroen: North-East Italy, regions around Lake Garda and the Dolomites. Our daughters, because of their sport, have been taking us more often lately to Port du Soleil, Dents du Midii region in Switzerland. I don't hate it either.

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"On the jetty at Condominio Yacht Club Costa d''Oro in Taffella Italia, I drink a glass of prosecco from Villa Sandi."

Suppose you are allowed to choose a terrace to have an interesting conversation. Jeroen: on the jetty at Condominio Yacht Club Costa d''Oro in Taffella Italia. I'm sitting there with Marcel den Haan and drinking prosecco from Villa Sandi. All facets of life are then reviewed.

Who would you like to be for a day to experience what this person does, feels and experiences. Jeroen: taking over my wife's role. I am quite open to learning. My wife runs our family and does it much better than I do. Being in her shoes would help me better understand how I could make her life easier.

Finally: where do you know Pascal Moscoviter from? Jeroen: I once stumbled across the threshold of a clothing store on a square in the center of Amersfoort. For years I bought all my dress clothes, suits, shoes and accessories there. I really liked the atmosphere Pascal created in his shop. Of course, the available clothing collection also matched perfectly with personal preferences. This created a special relationship; we don't see each other very often these days. When we see each other, Pascal's energy is contagious, motivating and interesting.