Interview with Dr. Thomas Edens, 42 years old, married, one daughter (hoping for more). Education: Gymnasium and law studies in Groningen. Thomas: always nice to be able to understand the fine print. He has a PhD in the field of Marketing Management.


How does he live. Thomas: I enjoy the people around me. A good balance between private life and work forms the basis for a pleasant life. Frictions are always there. His first job. Thomas: I was 18 years old and started selling paintings door to door in Germany. I did this successfully for six weeks. In retrospect, a very special job.


What was your 1st independent clothing purchase and where? Thomas: at Harveys in Groningen. A successful but too expensive polo, paid for with money earned from the sale of paintings.


What is your current profession. Thomas: independent strategic advisor and owner of a software company for the mobility industry. Challenges for the near future. Thomas: good question; perhaps something in the Circular Economy.


 Are you a music/movie lover? Thomas: music by Supertramp such as The Logical Song, I have a thing for Arthouse films.


Do you like to travel. Thomas: great for travelling, the variety. Countries that have stayed with me: Cuba, Japan and Argentina. Did a tour this year along the Amalfi Coast on the south side of the Sorrento Peninsula. Recommended.


Who would you like to be one day to experience what this person does, feels and experiences. Thomas: rescuer at the Salvation Army.

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"On a beach with mountains in the background, together with my deceased grandfather, talking about life."

You can choose a terrace to have an interesting conversation with someone. Thomas: on a beach with mountains in the background, together with my deceased grandfather. Theme: talking about life.

How do you know Pascal Moscoviter from. Thomas: he owned a fashion store in Amersfoort. You went there for fun. The atmosphere can best be described as a mix of a cozy 'restaurant', a snack and a drink, a good conversation and the right outfit.